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Phone: +46 70 6974528 Webmaster: L Söderlund

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Finnskogsriket, located some 200 km north of Arlanda airport, Stockholm, is a region between the provinces of Hälsingland, Gästrikland and Dalarna.

This large expanse of sparsely populated wilderness with numerous lakes and streams has a culture of its very own. Experience a true feeling of freedom while pursuing your outdoor interests, whether fishing, bird watching, picking berries and mushrooms, etc.

The presence of wildlife like moose, wolf, bear, lynx and wolverine. Summer and winter-fishing, will add a sense of adventure to your hike in the woods! Enjoy breathing fresh mountain air at 200 – 500 meters above sea level.

450 km of hiking trails and, in winter, prepared ski trails and 950 km Snowmobile trails. Learn about an old culture hidden among pastures, iron mills, old Finnish settlements, etc. Join a guided tour, and with an open mind, return to the olden days! There are many individuals who run small businesses in Finnskogsriket - places to eat, stay or shop. They all look forward to your visit, perhaps more than once! !


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